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CFG was created in response to a need in the market place. Marketplace needs were identified through numerous sources, word of mouth, corporate owners, personal encounters, years of experience, friends and subject matter expert referrals.

The idea of CFG was conceived in 2007 and incorporated in June of 2008 in the state of Illinois for the sole purpose of assisting insurance, rental car, law enforcement, finance companies and the public in protecting against fraud that impacts all financial markets. CFG’s solutions and service assistance is in response to current volatile economic market conditions (Recessionary) in a Global environment that breeds an increase in financial theft, deception and fraud.

CFG’s intentions are to provide quality service by assisting law enforcement improve their efforts to combat finance theft and fraud in the short and long term. The following entities and/or industry representatives will assist CFG in its Mission.

United States Canada Mexico
National Vehicle Service, NFPC Insurance Bureau of Canada OCRA
US Insurance Industry Canadian Insurance Industry  
US Rental Car Industry Canadian Rental Car Industry  
US Finance Industry Canadian Finance Industry