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CFG’s primary goal is to develop an Expert Intelligence System that can be used by all Financial Services Organizations. This System will provide for the following Service Areas:

Data Collection – CFG is not in the business of collecting and storing data. Our purpose is to reach out to those agencies that have data necessary to fight fraud and coordinate the dissemination of the data to those who can utilize the information to reduce/prevent fraud and make sound business decisions.

Data Exchange – CFG deals primarily in metal. We monitor vehicle activity throughout North America and the world. We work with entities that can assist in monitoring vehicles and assist in vehicle fraud prevention.

Data Analysis – It is one thing to accumulate a lot of data however, it is just as important that we capture all the analytical data we can from these data bases in order to develop information to assist us in developing preventive measures and detect patterns of fraud. Because CFG is partnering with other organizations, we will have more capability to develop better data analysis programs.

Automated Fraud Detection – Our goal is to prevent fraud. Working with other entities and the proper data, we can detect and advise of potential fraudulent situations and prevent payment of unwarranted transactions and/or settlements. Our systems are designed to monitor active portfolios and send immediate notice of potential/questionable situations which require further investigation.

Coordination of Investigations – While CFG is not in the investigative business, we partner with National Vehicle Service, NFPC who have direct contact with law enforcement agencies in the US and Canada as well as the availability of investigative personnel to handle any investigations requested by our partners.

Training – Financial entities utilize data processes provided by CFG to determine the status of a vehicle prior to either insuring or financing the vehicle and to monitor their portfolio advising them of any event that might occur that adversely impacts their interest, such as the vehicle being reported stolen or an attempt is being made to export the vehicle or other events. Many of these entities have little to no experience in detecting or preventing fraud and what to do when red flags are detected. CFG, working with experienced law enforcement professionals, provides training to both law enforcement and private entities to ensure proper action is being taken when they receive red flags from various databases utilized in the CFG processes.